You can win this

Hello Everyone,

Here are the ponytail holder currently selling in my shop.

Simply leave me a message and tell me what is your favorite book at the moment ( you can name more than one ... ), you might get the changes to win the hair ties .

I will pick 2 winners on 20 Nov 2007. Good luck everyone !


Sing Yee said...

Hey there! :D Those ponytail holders are waaay cute!

Um... I'm reading Terry Goodkind's Naked Empire at the moment, but I find it not too interesting.... T-T

My favourite at the moment, the one I'll recommend people to read is Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell. I picked it off a shelf in Kinokuniya because it was 'Book of the Week'. Mana tau, it's super nice! :D

hoganfe said...

What a clever idea! My fav book at the moment is Body for Life.

pfang said...

Hi guys :)

Sing Yee and Hoganfe, congratulation you both are the winners ( :P ). Please send me your address so i can post the freebie to you guys. My email is pf_gan @ yahoo.com. Thanks !

Ciyou said...

haha~~ too later for freebie I guess, but the ponytales look great. Are they make from polymer clay?