I felt, felt

I felt, felt lately
I started to make cats with tiny pictures
A cat with the stories, thats my purpose
You can tell stories with 10 ways ( or even more )
I wanted to have plain ( or white ) background for long time
So this is the first time I ever use photoshop to edit a picture
As you can see the result is not very pleasent
You can still see funny edges (>_<)
I'm photoshop idiot ( also Illustrator, alright... )
Any comments are welcome
Or any tips ( Thank you ! )
Cats are coming to town, soon, very soon.


futuregirl said...

I think you did a pretty good job cutting the cat out from the background. Maybe try taking the picture of the cat on white paper with light sources from all around so there are no shadows. Then you don't need to cut him out at all. :)

est said...

very interesting cat!! i bet the children would love it coz they can make up a lot of stories based on all the cute patches on it! creative! :)